Dr. Prakash Sharma

Advisor, Vi Innovations

Vimal has been shaping Vi Innovations with good determination to provide cost effective peripheral device which can be integrated within economically priced car.


Darshan Patel

Advisor at Vi Innovations, Entrepreneur, USA

Vimal Kumar is very creative, intelligent, focused and tenacious young energetic entrepreneur. He is going to realize his dreams.


Daniel Antunes

Founding Partner at RIANDA Research, Portugal

Vimal Kumar is the type of person who doesn’t quit until he makes his dreams happen. Hard worker, focused, determined and an inspiring person. It has been a pleasure witness his growth and development and who knows how high he might reach. Thank you for being a witness.


Rohan Kalani

COO at Maker Village, IIITMK

Vi Innovations is bringing out a cost-effective aftermarket device for controlling various auxiliary functions of the car through a touchscreen. The tenacity and perseverance of Vimal Kumar have been instrumental in developing this product.


Chandrakala Sharma

Co-Founder at PCOMBINATOR recommended Vi Innovations where Vimal Kumar is Co-Founder

Vi Innovations disrupts an innovative cost effective auto peripheral management device for all 4 wheeler’s to control their various peripherals (example Wiper etc), This is most useful for used cars or one’s who are manufacturing electric car’s too…

Vimal comes across as a very patient entrepreneur and excels in creating the right buzz and demand for such products..

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